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Mission:  To provide quality educational forums, events, and activities to highlight the achievements, sacrifice, and service of those who have worn or currently wear the uniform of the United States Army, and their families.


Goal:  To create a multi-generational program that will help establish a “never forget” mindset with the public, and with those who have served.   Army Week Association is comprised of Veterans, Reservists, Military Spouses and committed Community Members who care deeply about remembering who we served with, and why we served.


Army Week Association, by mission, aims to educate; the veteran, the families, the communities, the employers, and those still serving in uniform.  We hold forums and panels that will embrace and articulate the many issues facing those who have served, so we can all better assist their transition and reintegration into their communities.  We also hold unique events recognizing their courage and valor on the battlefield and their contributions here at home. Ultimately, our mission at Army Week Association, Army Week NOLA, and Army Week NYC is to aid and assist communities in welcoming back their sons and daughters from service, help them care for those that need more assistance due to the rigors of combat, and comfort the families of the fallen.  The ethos instilled in a soldier, marine, sailor, and airman while in the United States Armed Forces consistently results in community philanthropy and appropriation, and we will highlight those men and women doing just that.


AWA believes in promoting veteran artists and children and spouses of our service members. All graphic design for AWA is done by Alvaro Cucuta, Sherrye Alves, & Jen Garza.





Christopher Page is the CEO and Founder of Army Week Association and, until recently, was Manager of Citi Salutes, a U.S. based program designed to support military veterans and their families in communities across the country by promoting greater access to financial services that meet the unique needs of our military veterans; supporting professional development, recruiting and mentoring programs; supporting community organizations that benefit military veterans and families; and providing a support network for retired and active-duty employees and those with deployed friends or relatives. He is a veteran of the United States Army. Prior to his role with Citi Salutes, Chris worked for Citi as a Vice President in Control & Emerging Risk, and had been an active participant in Citi’s Veterans Volunteer Network. He was also a longtime advocate for veterans’ issues in the greater New York City community — roles which would later lead to his position with Citi Salutes and, later, Army Week Association.

Prior to joining Citi, Chris served in the United States Army, rising to the rank of Sergeant. He completed basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and advanced artillery training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Following his training, Chris was posted to the 18th Airborne Corps Artillery stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Nearing completion of his first enlistment, Chris re- enlisted for assignment in Germany and was posted to Babenhausen, Germany, where he would serve with the 41st Field Artillery Brigade for the remainder of his active-duty Army career. Chris holds a B.A. from Seton Hall University, which he earned after completing his active-duty military service.


Jen Wilson is the COO of Army Week Association. She is a Louisiana native, LSU  BS in Kinesiology alumnus, and is also the Senior Fitness Specialist for NBCUniversal in New York City. Jen represents the East Coast for the NBCUniversal Veteran’s Network. She is a civilian, wholly committed to the veteran cause and helping to mitigate the varying costs incurred by years of combat. Her inspiration comes from the heroism of her grandfather, Sergeant Major Ernest Joseph Lucien, who valiantly fought across Europe during WWII after surviving Omaha Beach.






Connie Croft
Connie N. Croft, M.P.H., graduated with an Associate of Arts degree from the University of Florida where she met her husband, Colonel Christopher D. Croft, then an ROTC cadet. After marriage they transferred to the University of Central Florida where she received her Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with a minor in Health Sciences. While at UCF, she implemented two ongoing annual events: a biathlon and a campus wellness expo. Connie earned her 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and two years later she received her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Hawaii.

Over the last 25 years Connie moved with her husband 14 times to 12 different locations from Italy and Hawaii to various posts around the Midwest and the East coast. Choosing to forgo her career, she focused her attention on family and volunteering. Together, Connie and Chris raised their two children, Vanessa (a neonatal intensive care nurse is now a 1LT’s wife stationed in Italy forgoing her career to raise their 3 children) and CJ (a civilian physicist working for the Navy on Wallops Island, VA.)

Connie has been an active volunteer with a variety of military and civilian organizations. Connie endured Chris’s two deployments to Iraq and was involved in Family Readiness Groups with varying levels of responsibility. As her husband’s career is in the home stretch, they both look forward to what the future holds. It will assuredly include continued involvement with Veteran Service Organizations like Army Week Association.

Gabrielle Velez – Secretary


Army Week Association and the information contained on this site is neither endorsed nor sponsored by the US Army or the Department of Defense. Army Week Association is a non-Federal entity and is not affiliated with the US Army.

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